Saturday, 25 February 2012

Small things.....

One of the things I adore about being mummy to a very active and enthusiastic (almost) 14 month old is just how interesting he can find the smallest and simplest things. He has boxes of toys to stimulate and amuse him, but does he play with these? Of course not! He plays with Mummy's bright pink stool that helps me reach the top kitchen cupboards, with rolls of tape, with any piece of paper he can lay his hands on, and, one of his current favourites, our cat's tail!!!
So this weekend we popped down to see Grandma and Grandad, and as I took the chance of a few moments to crochet in relative peace while others were keeping an eye on the little man, he played with the toys and other amusements that his doting grandparents had found for him.
One of his current favourites is a wooden ramp with little cars that race down it - we were all amazed at how quickly he worked out how to get it to work!
And when he worked out a short cut for when he didn't get it quite right, I gave a little smile - it was just the sort of thing I would do!!!
It's nice to see that he can enjoy toys without all the bells and whistles ... and the tunes. Oh my goodness, the electronic tunes! He's been driving me crazy with setting off tunes on multiple toys at the same time - they're bad enough one at a time, but as a discordant mess they're enough to send a worn out mummy off her rocker!!!
Then Grandad appeared with what was to prove the most popular toy in months...
... two bright yellow golf balls! He carried them around while we were still visiting, and they seemed a perfect size for his little hands. He refused to let them go, even when we had to put his jumper and coat on to go home. He refused to let them go when we put him in his car seat. He refused to let them go when we arrived home and took his coat off again. He even, to the complete shock of hubby and I, refused to let them go as he played on Daddy's IPhone! Everything usually gets dropped for the Mighty IPhone!!!
He eventually dropped them after about 2 1/2 hours - so much fun from something so small!
But that's what I love about being a mum. It reminds me to find the fun in the smallest things, the mundane things, the everyday things that otherwise I don't even notice. It reminds me that everything in my life, from the biggest and most wonderful, my husband and my baby boy, to the smallest and most insignificant, is a gift from God. Gifts I should recognise and be thankful for. Gifts that once I recognise, it makes the everyday stresses of life fade into insignificance as I realise the wonder that is my life. :)


Alice said...

Lovely! Dan used to sleep clutching two plastic balls!!! The whizzy car toy is brill isn't it? Xxx

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